Let me tell you a little bit about myself
I am a Dutch colorist and editor currently living in Haarlem, the Netherlands (That is near Amsterdam for those of you that don’t know). I started as a freelance editor in 2012 and added colorgrading to my skillset soon after. Over the past years I’ve edited and color-corrected a variety of different productions. Shorts, documentaries and commercials for both web, TV and streaming services.
A few productions I worked on have received national and international awards and nominations. For the short film “Fuk It”, I was nominated for “Best Editing” at the 48 Hour Film Project Amsterdam 2016. The film "These Dirty Words" I worked on as colorist, additional editor and sound designer won the international award for Best Film at the Filmapalooza Film Festival in Los Angeles. For the same film I won the award for “Best Sound Design” at the 48 Hour Filmproject Rotterdam in 2014. Since then I have worked on TV programs like Draadstaal, Danny in Arabistan and Echt Niet Oke.
As a freelancer I have my own edit suite at home but also regularly work with, and at, various post-production facilities. Working at those companies have gained me a lot of hands-on experience on different workflows in a both technical and practical way. Having technical know-how is very important to me and being able to quickly adapt and work with those different workflows allows me to work efficiently.
Working together with directors and other filmmakers in order to make a film and tell a story is one of the most intensive and gratifying things to do and the reason why I love what I do.
Jelle Helwig
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